Our Services

Contevenca is a management consulting firm highly specialized in executive search.

Executive search consulting is one of the practices of management consulting with a major impact on the performance of an organization, as success or failure of it depends on the quality of its management.

For that reason our only objective is to help our clients find the best executive talent, in order to build a management team which represents a competitive advantage, enabling them to grow their business.  

To obtain such results we offer our clients all the knowledge and expertise of our consulting team, as we choose our most qualified consultants to perform a highly professional search process in each assignment, which consists of the following stages:

  1. Meetings with key stakeholders at the client organization to analyze their needs, identify the competency requirements for candidates, as well as to understand the culture of the client organization.

  2. Prepare the Position Specifications and Search Project Plan. This information includes the ideal candidate profile, the search strategy, and the target organizations.

  3. Development of in-depth research to understand the structures of target organizations and identify its executive talent.

  4. Evaluation of prospective candidates through in-depth face-to-face interviews.

  5. Selection of the most qualified candidates in accordance with our client's requirements and presentation of confidential reports with detailed information on selected candidates.

  6. Interviews of candidates selected by Contevenca with the client.

  7. Reference checks on candidates selected by the client.

  8. Assistance during the negotiation and hiring of candidate selected by the client.

  9. Follow up of the selected executive, together with the client, to ensure its smooth and successful transition to the new organization.